The History of Millys

Millys is a family owned business that was established in
1974 after the first trout farm was built by Wimcar Cilliers.

The marketing of trout in those early years posed significant
challenges, but Wimcar decided that selling fresh trout on the
N4 highway would be successful and vigorously pursued this
unique idea.

A wooden roadside stall equipped with a fridge was erected
close to the present Total garage near Machadodorp on the N4,
and in December 1974, the first fresh trout was sold to passing
motorists. Since this time, Millys thrived under the vision and
the leadership of Wimcar, Milly, their children Unice-Ann and
Diekie as well as their very loyal staff.

The farm where Millys is today was purchased by the
family in 1979. An unused building was converted into a trout
processing facility and the roadside stall was relocated and
named Millys Country Trout Stall. Trout products, coffee and
homemade jams that Milly Cilliers traded at the stall made it a
popular stop along the N4.

Most of the jams, jellies and the famous Mediterranean
chutney was made by Milly’s mother, granny Unice, who also
attended to the stall for many years. She sadly passed away in
2013 at the age of 94.

After the big dam was built in 1983, the family applied for
stopover rights that included a filling station, resort and
restaurant. These were granted in 1986. After many years of
extensive negotiations and perseverance by Wimcar, Millys
became a reality in 1997.

During a windy morning on the 17th of June 2011, a fire that started in the restaurant totally destroyed the restaurant and adjacent building.

After months of rebuilding, Millys was open for business in June 2012. The revamped Millys then also featured a conference centre and overnight accommodation.

Milly Cilliers, after whom Millys is named, sadly passed away only two weeks after the re-opening.

The majority of bakery goods, trout products and meals are produced on the premises at Millys.

The Cilliers family still owns Millys today and continuously strive to offer their customers an unforgettable Millys experience in the trout capital of Mpumalanga.

Fresh From Our Factory

Our Trout Products are legendary – from our Hot- and Cold-Smoked Trout, to our famous Trout Pies.

From Millys Trout to You

One challenge that always stands out in the South African food industry, especially when it comes to the hospitality fraternity, is the skill and ability to strike a balance between serving quality meals and charging reasonably affordable prices. This, in simpler terms means that customers are always in search of exceptionally good quality meals and service at the lowest possible prices.

Millys of Machado has always been a tourist attraction frequented by people from all over South Africa as well as foreign nationals across the globe. Serving meals to such a wide range of nationalities from various backgrounds poses a great challenge. Our establishment is always under such constant pressure as it needs to meet the demands of an immensely intricate clientele.

Our stronghold has always been the production and serving of trout at incredibly good quality standards. Trout fish, being a unique delicacy, has undoubtedly elevated the Millys brand to unprecedented heights. We are proud to have maintained an exceptional reputation for many years since the inception of the Millys brand.

It is therefore with great pride that we can boldly pronounce that Millys of Machado has earned a number of accolades and praises on numerous occasions, locally and globally. These came about through the dedication and selflessness of its employees, from the shop-floor worker to senior management.

From the trout factory point of view, the skilful and experienced production personnel have been impressive in achieving great results of daily trout throughput, supplying fresh and smoked trout, pate, roulade, terrine, etc. Some of these ladies have been with the company for a period ranging from 30 to 40 years of unbroken dedicated service. Their craftsmanship in making fine cold-smoked trout slices beats that of modern automated machines.

In summary, all the trout quality products enjoyed by our customers are virtually attached to the love and passion through which they are made by our employees. The simple principle in this whole equation is: “QUALITY, DEDICATION AND PASSION ARE THE MAIN DRIVERS OF THE MILLYS BRAND”

Compiled by:

Harry Segage