Frequently Asked Questions in our Farm Stall

1.Why are some of our trout pale and others pink?

It can be a seasonal phenomenon where the male fish lose their colour, but the females don’t.  The pink colour of their flesh is primarily a result of their diet, which can vary from one source to another.

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2.What is Gravdlax?

It is a traditional Scandinavian way of preparing Salmon and Trout in which the fish is cured but not smoked.

3.What is Trout Roulade?

It is a trout terrine wrapped in cold smoked trout.

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4.What is the difference between cold and hot smoked trout?

Hot smoked trout is smoked and cooked in special smoking ovens.

Cold smoked trout as the name suggests is cured and smoked at room temperature.

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5.Does trout contain iodine?

No, fresh water trout does not in general contain iodine and only non-iodated salt is used in all Millys products.